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Bridal Hairstyling is such a specialized niche within the cosmetology world, and for a few of us here, it happens to be something we excel in. Owner and stylist Niki, has been styling brides for over 14 years, and she will tell you that it’s unfortunate that people don’t get married on Monday’s, and Tuesday’s, and Wednesdays. Bridal hair and makeup go hand-in-hand, and after being in the industry for so long, Niki has a few trusted colleagues that make the cut. Over the last 4.5 years at Up & Out, our bridal team has tripled in size, and yes, we fall asleep at night watching You Tube videos of cascading curls, and inverted on-scalp fishtail braids. {not sorry!} Our Bridal Team: Jackie, Michelle, Niki, Jessica, Lauren, Dena, Monse, Margherita, Alex, and Christian!

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Our team is licensed and insured for the work that we do, and require trials and signed service contracts for all wedding and on-location work that we do. Jackie Caruso, our (kick ass!) bridal coordinator, is happy to assist in contract creation and any questions pre-wedding. Jackie has been a licensed hair and makeup artist for over 14 years, and a local and loyal Hoboken resident. She has worked many NYC Fashion Weeks, countless photoshoots, weddings, and styled numerous private on-location clients. {5:00am? No problem.} Mention that you are engaged and her eyes light up! She loves love, and would love it if you sent her an email with your bridal inquiries!


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